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Yea We Made It (Six Months Down Six to go in 2020)

Hello Everyone are you celebrating our accomplishment. Well you aught to be. We have reached a milestone for 2020. I dont know about you but I am praying that the rest of the Year is better than the first part. With the covid 19, then the protest, and now a new virus threatening to come in with a vengeance from Guess where. FROM CHINA you guessed it. We all should be happy that we made it so far.

B Safe Technology is a company that takes pride at helping people stay safe. We have seen a surge of new cases in this country as we are struggling with the fact for the time being at least we have a new norm in this country. Trying to stay safe and providing for the family is hard on everyone. Nursing homes and hospitals are filling up again and people are not going to the hospitals when needed because of the new rules. Family members are not allowed with the patient which is putting a lot of stress on the patient and family. Visits to family members in nursing homes is virtually non existent. There has got to be a better way.

Then there is a question about the mask. (Do I wear the mask or not). One side telling you to wear them and the other side is telling you not to. Is anyone getting the truth. I can see both points so I guess it is up to you if you won’t to wear one or not. Some cities are making it mandatory you wear mask while out in public. Catching you without one on could result in a fine.


Now I want you to think about something! I see on tv all most everyday about people getting attacked by these so called peaceful demonstrators. These are everyday people like you and me that are getting attacked. People trying to protect themselves, their Family, Their Property. They do not deserve this. These people left their homes going about their everyday business and never thought this would happen to them. All of us do the exact same thing everyday. We leave the comfort of there home not prepared for what might come up. Let me ask you this. ARE YOU PREPARED.

I can here a lot of you now. “Yes Im Prepared, I carry everywhere I go”. I will be the first to tell you I carry also. But I was a police officer for 30 years and have learned a few things during that time, One of them was never take things for granted.

Always have a backup Plan.

If you get into a situation where the use of your firearm is not the best plan of action. WHAT WOULD YOU DO! Do you have Pepper Spray, or a Stun Gun, How about a personel alarm.

There are a lot of possibilities. IF YOU DON’T YOU SHOULD. Better to have it an not need it than to not have it if needed. These are alternatives you can use instead of deadly force.

B Safe Technology has the tools you need to protect yourself. Don.t wait. With the uncertainty in this world today would you honestly feel it is ok to let one of your family members leave the house without some sort of protection.

Check out our website www.bsafetechnology.com to see what we have to offer. While there be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to get up to date information on news involving your safety, sales, other information on how to stay safe.

Keep praying for this country and our leaders.


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