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Pen Stun Gun

The Stun Pen slim design gives you the ability to carry in your pocket or purse.  No one will know this is a high-tech, powerful self-defense tool until it is too late! The Stun Pen comes with a metal clip on the top of the unit. This makes it easy to hold firmly in place on your pocket, purse, backpack, or shirt so you always have it close in hand.  The LED battery status indicator lights display the charge level so you will never be caught off guard without a full charge. Check them out here: https://bsafetechnology.com/product-category/stun-guns/stun-pen/ CHECK US OUT FOR OTHER STUN GUNS AND GREAT ITEMS THAT WILL KEEP YOU AND YOUR PROPERTY PROTECTED.

40,000,000 Volts
Metal Pocket Clip
USB Charging
Battery Status Indicator
High Quality Stainless Steel
Safety Switch
Discreet Protection
Lifetime Warranty

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